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Dan from New Zealand writes:
I recently noticed that I had some weird little bumps under my foreskin and around the base of the head of my penis that were very small as well. At first I figured they were just skin tags or something and I tried washing them off with a pumice stone. That was a BIG mistake! HAHA Anyways, I found the Wartamine site a few days after doing that and started treating the warts with your product almost immediately, but unfortunately I had infected a large area of skin. I must admit, though, that your product worked amazingly well. One wart has turned black and is close to completely falling off, and the other warts are on their way, but I'm going to let them heal completely and then try more of the product again if any more warts grow back later. Anyways, yes, this product worked great. I'm so happy that I found this site and tried the Wartamine product.

Suzanne from Chicago, IL writes:

After living with genital warts since last year, I've been suffering from the humiliation that you can only begin to imagine. Eight days ago I found your site because I really didn't want to spend money and visit my doctor again. I decided to try Wartamine and can't believe how amazing this cure is, or whatever you want to call it. It really proves how messed up the health system is when doctors won't suggest alternative solutions like this product. The only options are the expensive pharmaceutical drug options. I tried your product and at first there was no sting, but on days 2 and 3, it did sting a little. I suppose you could argue this method is a little more painful than others, but definitely well worth it. After the very first treatment some of the larger warts dried off. From the looks of it, they'll all be gone in a matter of days and then I'll try some of the healing ointment you suggested for the skin. Thanks so much for all your help! I finally have my life back!

Ryan from Alberta writes:
I've been plagued with genital warts for the last 2+ years and I've literally tried just about everything in trying to eliminate them. I've tried each of the following treatment methods and even tried a few of them together: Aldara cream (expensive!), Condoylx, freezing myself with Compound W, freezing at my Dr's office, and even some powerful acid once, but none of these options worked well at all. Over the last few years, the HPV virus has taken a tremendous toll on my life and I haven't been able to get back on track... always worrying about the warts hasn't really helped me at all either! Anyways, I started using your product three days ago. Since then, the warts turned white and very soon thereafter dissapeared - all within just a few days!

Seriously, I'm not even messing around. Right now I am smiling and feeling an incredible sense of purity again. I actually had genital warts in places that I didn't even know about until I got done using your product. Your instructions had all the information I needed. I wish I would have tried this years ago. Now my life is back on track and I couldn't be HAPPIER! Thank you so much. This product really worked and I'm so incredibly grateful. You guys rock!

Mary from Los Angeles, CA writes:

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for shipping the bottles of Wartamine to me so quickly. I was amazed at how fast they got to me - only 2 days! Not even the big sitese ship that fast. I've already seen some great results. Of the 5 original warts, I only have 2 left, and one of those is already showing signs of disappearing. Your product really does work as advertised, and I'm glad I can finally put this phase of my life BEHIND ME!

Jim from New Orleans, LA writes:
About 8 months ago, I was cleaning my "private parts" and noticed a few small bumps that I had not seen before. I became worried and immediately scheduled an appointment to see my doctor as soon as possible. Sure enough, the doctor said I had genital warts, and that he could prescribe me some sort of cream (Aldara??) or burn them off. Instead, I decided to check online for some home treatment options, and I found your website. I'm glad I did.

I ordered 2 bottles from your company, and received the shipment a few days later. I immediately began applying the Wartamine solution as directed, and within a day, two of the warts had turned a whitish color, and by the third day, they were gone! For a fraction of the cost of the Aldara prescription cream, and with very minimal pain, the Wartamine product worked for me better than I could have ever expected. Thanks for helping me get rid of these disgusting things.

Jason from Massachusetts writes:

I discovered a small cluster of warts on my shaft a few weeks ago. I don't have any health insurance right now and can't afford to visit the clinic. I didn't really want to, either. Anyways, I went on the net hoping to find something I could use from home and decided to give your product a try. Wartamine worked for me! All the warts disappeared after just 3 or 4 days. The instructions worked perfectly. I'm so glad I found your site.. thank you!

Christy from Philadelphia, PA writes:
About 8 months ago I found out that my boyfriend cheated on me. I broke up with him but not before he left me with a nasty souvenir. I was humiliated. The thought of dating just seemed impossible and overwhelming. Then I found your website and realized there was an alternative to the horribly embarrising doctor visits and expensive prescriptions. I tried Wartamine and was SO happy with how fast it worked. One bottle was enough and the warts were gone so fast. The idea of dating is still hard but at least it’s possible now so thank you.

Aaron from Ashland, WI writes:
I’m a 28 year old guy who got genital warts during college when I wasn’t as careful about wearing a condom as I should have been. For the last 5 years I’ve dealt with one painful treatment after another, the acid was the worst, and with having to tell girlfriends and potential partners that I had genital warts, after which quite a few chose to have nothing to do with me. The outbreaks seriously stressed me out and the thought of dealing with them forever would depress me for days. Then I lost my job and I kind of hit rock bottom. I couldn’t afford the doctor visits anymore without insurance and I didn’t want to deal with dating or even going out at all. Then while surfing the web I came across Wartamine and liked what I saw. Private shipping, a guarantee, and reasonable prices made me willing to try it. Then it worked, which I have to say kind of surprised me. Plus it was really fast. Under 3 days, just like the site says, and I was completely free of all of the warts. AWESOME! Seriously amazing. Thanks.

Brian from Columbia, SC writes:
Hi! I just wanted to write you a quick thank you to let you know your product really worked for me. I had about 3 clusters of 5-7 warts when I ordered your product. I ordered one bottle and rush shipping; 5 days after I found your website all my warts were gone. Now if I even think a wart is forming I apply Wartamine and I haven’t had another outbreak yet. Not worrying about outbreaks has eliminated an enormous amount of stress and I’m truly grateful your product is so easily available and works so well.

Andrea from Jackson, MS writes:

My husband contracted genital warts in a previous relationship and it’s been something we’ve had to deal with together throughout our relationship. It’s embarrassing for him and stressful for me and frustrating for both of us when he has an outbreak. We’ve tried quite a few products advertised online and never been thrilled with the results. Some were slow in getting rid of warts and others didn’t seem to really prevent new ones from forming. Wartamine has been wonderful in doing both and we’re truly grateful. We thought you should know. Thanks again.

William from Plainview, TX writes:
I noticed about 2 months ago a small group of warts on the base of my penis. That sucked and kind of depressed me and I sure as hell didn’t want to tell anyone I knew about it. I’m still living at home and was afraid my parents would find out. It wouldn’t go over well, my mom would die or kill me or both. I found your product pretty quick online after seeing some of your reviews and ordered a bottle still pretty nervous that it wouldn’t actually be discreet. No problems there my mom had no clue and it really worked fast. You advertise 72 hours but mine started to turn white in 24 and were gone in 48. Thanks!

Rebecca from Valdosta, GA writes:

I was horrified when I discovered a couple of bumps on my private areas about a month ago. I instantly did as much research as I could and found that there were natural treatment alternatives then I searched for products that contained as many of them as possible. Your product was by far the best and I ordered a bottle immediately with rush shipping. 4 days after placing the order my warts were gone. It’s hard to convey how relieved I am, and grateful.

Helen from Altoona, PA writes:
About 6 months ago my son came to me and confided that he thought he had genital warts. I took him to a doctor who confirmed it and suggested we have them surgically removed due to their size. We were hesitant to start with surgery and decided to try your product first after doing some research of our own online. We were so glad we did! He saw results in under 2 days and all of them were gone even the larger ones within a week. Thanks a lot for making an effective alternative to surgical treatments, it saved my son a great deal of pain.

Darryl from Mansfield, OH writes:
I’m excited, can you tell!!!!! My warts are gone! Wartamine works!!! Hallehulah! I’ve tried multiple products over the last two years, a couple of them worked but they took weeks of constantly putting their creams on my man parts, which just isn’t fast enough. I don’t know why I ever bothered with anything other than Wartamine, it’s all I’ll ever use again. I am so happy!!! No more warts for me ever again!

Skye from Knoxville, TN writes:
Hello. I’ve had genital warts for the last 8 years, but my children don’t know. About once a year I would go in and have any warts frozen off, an uncomfortable procedure. A little over a year ago I started to look for alternatives and found your product. Now as soon as I feel a wart forming I start applying Wartamine to the whole area, and it’s amazing how good it works at stopping warts from growing at all! Recently my daughter had a wart on her hand which she hated. I decided to apply some Wartamine to it and we were both thrilled when it fell off a day later. Now she thinks I’m a miracle worker! You should start advertising for planter’s warts too, we were really amazed at how quickly this worked.

Angelica from Broken Arrow, OK writes:
I’m a 35 year old woman who contracted genital warts during my college years (wear a condom people!!!). I’ve had multiple surgical procedures to remove the warts over the years. These have left scars that I absolutely hate. I’d prefer to be completely shaved down there, which just isn’t possible when you have ugly scars. I decided to try Wartamine on the recommendation of a friend, I was a little skeptical of an over-the-counter product, but she insisted it had really worked for an ex- boyfriend of hers. The warts were gone in 3 days! Every last one of them turned white and fell off, with no scars. Why don’t doctors recommend this!? It blows my mind that no doctor ever recommended this to me, instead I dealt with expensive and painful surgeries that left scars. Thanks for a great product, it’s all I plan on using form here on out.

Tyler from St. Louis, MO writes:

I really hope people read this and take my advice. Don’t buy anything else!! Wartamine works! And if you do any research about ingredients it’s obvious why. Other products talk about herbal blends and say they take 3 weeks to work. What a bunch of BS! Wartamine uses apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil and works in 3 days. Duh, it’s such an easy choice if you know anything at all. I had a bunch of warts around my dick and around my anus, all gone in 3 days after I started using Wartamine!


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